Tonic Ventures vs. the TONIC zone

Tonic Ventures vs. the TONIC zone

Tonic Ventures is the parent company I created, as a Solopreneur, to house all of my ideas (our ideas for that matter) under one name/brand.

TONIC zone is a private community where I (we) help you evolve digitally, from where you are to where you want to be. Through the Purpose, Platform, Projection paradigm, we foster Independence for Independents. 
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      Not a digital native When I set out on this course in 2007, I had little understanding of the Internet and NO knowledge of how to build a website.  I didn't even understand the difference between a domain and hosting.  Yeh, born in 1966, I'm no ...
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      Neo-Generalist DIY/Citizen Developer Tonic Ventures Founder I'm an idea guy, a strategist, SaaS/PaaS experimentalist, and a gritty bootstrapped Micropreneur. I believe "Community" is the Internet's fundamental core value proposition. Impact ...
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      Tonic Ventures is not Silicon Valley. Tonic is not seeking funding and is not being created with the goal of being acquired. Though a viable model, that is not Tonic Ventures approach. We're here to stay.  We Foster Independence for Indepentents ...
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      Frequently asked about Tonic Ventures Why the name "Tonic" Tonic is about vigor and well-being... which is what I seek for myself and wish for others. Tonic is also denotes the first degree of scale in music. I love music but also enjoyed the notion ...
    • Eyes on the horizon

      I have sooooo many ideas, they are hard to contain. Tonic Ventures will house them all. Got an idea for Tonic to build? Drop me a note.