Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked about Tonic Ventures

Why the name "Tonic"

Tonic is about vigor and well-being... which is what I seek for myself and wish for others. Tonic is also denotes the first degree of scale in music. I love music but also enjoyed the notion of applying that statement to the world of venture creation. 

Are we hiring?

I am a Solopreneur and hope to stay that way. I believe Tonic can effectively reflect it's Purpose by contracting with other Solopreneurs as needed. Additionally, Tonic is developing a partner-type program which will allow others to earn by helping us realize our Purpose.

How can I ask a question about Tonic Ventures?

Quite easily. Simply click the "+" symbol above or just click here.
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Frequently asked about the TONIC zone

Why do I have to pay for access?

The annual membership model allows Tonic Ventures to focus all efforts on creating value within the membership. Vvalue is why members will join, and more importantly, why members will stay (renew.) We don't want you to have any doubt about renewing your membership when the time comes. 

Why only $299 per year?

You don't need to go broke figuring out how to stop being broke. 

Will I get rich?

Nope. Not without some serious hard work and a fair amount of luck. However, with the right approach, you CAN generate "enough."